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Superbike World Championship Italy (Imola)15.05.2017


Sofuoglu in the roaring forties

Kenan Sofuoglu confirmed his return as leader of the pack on the Imola circuit. The world champion was the front runner in Italy, pocketing his fortieth victory in Supersport. Jonathan reinforced his place as leader in Superbike with two solid second two places.


The Races

The good news is that Kenan Sofuoglu has completely recovered from his injuries earlier this year. In Italy, the Kawasaki rider demonstrated his sparkling form by winning his second victory in two races after his success in the Netherlands a fortnight earlier. A success obtained at the end of a race stopped three times for various incidents, and finally reduced to eleven laps. Sofuoglu won with a lead of more than a second over Lucas Mahias. This is the fortieth World Superbike victory for the Turkish rider who has also made it eighty times to the podium in one hundred and nineteen starts. Victim of a fall at the beginning of the race, Kyle Ryde was less fortunate. Italian Canducci scored two points by finishing fourteenth. In Superbike, Jonathan Rea could not do anything against Chaz Davies at Imola. The two-time world champion had to settle for second place.

I might have stayed with him in the second heat if I had not made a small mistake. We lacked braking stability. The result of the weekend is nonetheless positive because we know that on this “stop and go” circuit Chaz is really good. I confirmed my position as leader in the championship, and that is the main thing.

Jonathan Rea

Finishing fourth on Saturday and third on Sunday, Tom Sykes suffered a good deal on the Italian track.

The heat hindered me because I had no feeling with my front tire. We were at the limit.

Tom Sykes

Randy Krummenacher chalked up thirteenth and fifteenth places on a difficult circuit.

The Championship

Even though victory was not to be his for the first time this season, Jonathan Rea nonetheless confirmed his place as Championship leader at Imola. Indeed, after the Italian race the Kawasaki rider had a seventy-four point lead over Chaz Davies. Now in third place, Tom Sykes is only one point behind the Ducati rider, who scored a twin-win in Imola. Randy Krummenacher stays in sixteenth place in the overall standings. In Supersport, Sofuoglu has climbed back to fourth place. The reigning world champion has a thirty-five point lead over Mahias, leader in the overall standings. Ryde is back in seventh position while Canducci has dropped to eleventh place.

The Background

For twenty years now, Total’s engineers have been working hand in hand with the engine manufacturers at the Kawasaki plant. Their collaboration started in MotoGP before focusing on the Superbike World Championship when the Japanese manufacturer decided to review the strategy of its commitment in motorsports. Today, the collaboration between the Elf brand and the Kawasaki plant also includes Supersport, Endurance and Motocross with the Bud Racing structure.

Since the late 2000s, we have started to develop a green lubricant associated with the Kawasaki image.  A new family of “lubes” has thus been created with products that obviously have the same qualities of Elf “lubes” in terms of performance and comfort.

Jean Thelamon, Total Lubricants

Synthetic technology products that meet the most demanding certification criteria with the added bonus of the “green lime” colour.

In addition to the attractive packaging, the variation in the colour of the oil that can be seen through the eye on the crankcase indicates to the user when it is time for an oil change.

Jean Thelamon, Total Lubricants

The Green Wind line of products has become an attractive range on new markets, such as the one in Thailand where some Kawasaki models are assembled.